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China  Association  for Children’s Arts
CACA, or China Association for Children’s Arts, is a non-government organization authorized by the Ministry of Culture of the People’s Republic of China and registered at the Bureau of Civil Administration of the People’sRepublic of China. This nationwide non-profit-making body is initiated by those who love the Children’s arts careerandorganized, managed and promoted by professionals who engaged in Children’s visual art research, and it’s duty is to improve nationwide art level and enhance the exchanges of Children’s arts among countries all over the world.CACA boasts several activity bases, art foresting centers and a lot of adult and children registered-members across the country. It also operates Sun Flower Art Troupes.

Research Department of CACA
Training Department of CACA
Activity Department of CACA
Comprehensive Department of CACA
Public Relations Department of CACA
Personnel and Security Department of CACA

Fine Arts Committee of CACA
Calligraphy Art Committee of CACA
Photography Art Committee of CACA
Handicraft Art Committee of CACA
Animation Art Committee of CACA
Art Fostering Center of CACA
Sun Flower Art Troupe of CACA

Luo Qin

Lu Haiyan, professor at China Academy of Art

Li Jian, renowned artist
Director of art training center of National Painting Institution
Yang Jingzhi, renowned professor
Consultant at Children’s art committee of China Artists Association
Long Niannan, undersecretary of Children’s art committee of China Artists Association
Liu Qian, vice-president of National Art Research Institution
He Lin, director of public education department of China National Museum of Fine Arts

Honorary President:
Xiao Feng, renowned artist
Consultant at China Artists Association
Ex-president of China Academy of Art
Yang Lizhou: renowned artist
Vice-chairman of China Artists Association

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